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31st August 2011, 01:49 PM
The AFL enters the last round before the finals this weekend. St Kilda's win over North Melbourne last week means the top 8 sides are now finalised, with only improved rankings within the top 8 to play for. At the other end of the table, Port Adelaide host Melbourne as they fight to avoid the wooden spoon.

Below are the latest fixture odds (subject to change). A link will be posted here when Andy's preview becomes available.

http://www.aussportsbetting.com/images/2011-08-31_afl_round_24.png (http://affiliates.luxbet.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_163b_43)

31st August 2011, 06:34 PM
Sitting out this round, anything could happen. Back for finals.

31st August 2011, 08:09 PM
With so many sides having little to play for this is a perilous round to bet on. It's a bit of an anti climax with no finals spots on the line. Sydney and St Kilda should be putting in decent shifts with home advantage in the elimination finals up for grabs.

1st September 2011, 06:59 PM
Below are some comments from the traders at Sportsbet (http://record.sportsbetaffiliates.com.au/_T6yDmweRiXfUOsjNOfgKeWNd7ZgqdRLk/1). View the full preview (http://record.sportsbetaffiliates.com.au/_T6yDmweRiXehJjIwNC_yVWNd7ZgqdRLk/1/blog/sport/crashing-the-banner-afl-round-24).

Collingwood v Geelong:
The loss in round eight is the Magpies only loss for the year and while both sides could easily cruise through the match, our traders think that the Magpies will want to keep the winning form going into the finals and can win this and cover the line.

Gold Coast v Hawthorn:
It might be party time for Buddy Franklin to kick a bag and celebrate winning the Coleman Medal, but the Suns are a good chance to get within the line so our traders suggest the taking them with the start.

Western Bulldogs v Fremantle:
The Bulldogs will win the game and win the game well so our traders expect them to cover the line here.

Sydney v Brisbane:
Our traders are confident that the Swans recent history over the Lions will continue and they can cover the line here.

Carlton v St Kilda:
That is the biggest incentive in the match so that should be enough for the Saints. Faced with the chance of missing the finals altogether last week they responded beautifully with Riewoldt coming to the fore. Our traders suggest that they can keep responding and win here.

West Coast v Adelaide:
The Eagles should win the game, but our traders aren’t interested in the game from a betting perspective.

Port Adelaide v Melbourne:
Neither side inspire confidence in betting, but perhaps the Power with a start is an option for a small wager.

Richmond v North Melbourne:
Brad Scott will be hoping for a winning finish for his young Kangaroos, a platform to build on for next year, however our traders think the Tigers will win and finish ninth for the seventh time since the top eight was introduced.

1st September 2011, 09:35 PM
I think a multi of Sydney, Hawthorn, West Coast & Western Bulldogs ML's is a good bet for this round. Maybe add Collingwood too, little iffy on that one though. Geelong could bounce back after last week. The rest I'm fairly confident win SU.

1st September 2011, 10:26 PM
Andy's preview and betting tips are up:


2nd September 2011, 02:35 PM
Anyone notice this in The Age? These meatheads are going to ruin sportsbetting for us.

Bomber Assistant Coach Betting Shenanigans (http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-confirms-betting-allegations-20110902-1jol9.html)

Tonight I'm leaning
Pies 1-39 or -20.5, liking the 1-39 more.
Cloke Most Goals
Over 178.5

Dry clear night, should be good for tall forwards and a high scoring game.

3rd September 2011, 10:11 AM
Pies are cold!

Wish I'd just played the Over!!! Loss on the 1-39 and Cloke Most Goals, had the 1-39 and ML in a few multi's too. I bloody should have left them out I knew it was iffy but still chanced it anyway, fortunately made up for my losing pre-game bets live betting Cats +4.5 4Q line and -82.5 3Q time @ $8! Not fond of live betting to chase losses, despite initially being wrong it was worth it to see the Pies lose like that and the finals to get a bit of a shake up.

Today I'm leaning
Hawks 1-39
Dogs -47.5
Sydney -35.5
Carlton ML/-5.5
West Coast -34.5

Andy Marshall
3rd September 2011, 12:19 PM
I'm a Pies fan myself (please don't hold that against me) and was horrified by the lack of intensity last night. Our whole game plan is based around pressuring the opposition ball carriers, particularly as they run off half back. Last night that went completely missing after quarter time. We like to attack around the wings, and Geelong used this to their advantage by playing a loose man in defence and stationing that man on the inside of the marking contest, so that when the ball fell to the ground Geelong would win the ball with their extra numbers, and direct their rebound right through the corridor. Very smart tactic.

As for your bets today Django - I like all of them, and given the run of form I've had for the last week and a half, that is bad news for you! I hope they work out though!

3rd September 2011, 04:07 PM
Lions supporter here, Old Fitzroy, so you'll never be best man at my wedding! Growing up, since Fitzroy rarely won Collingwood losing was the best part about footy. I won't rub it in though. 3peat is a distant memory now :(

Cheers, fortunately didn't play Dogs to cover, spread was a bit too large and Dogs can be iffy although I kind of expected they win big, felt it best to lay off that one and it's looking wise. Had the ML/Under in a 10 leg but Hawks v Suns going over 192.5 killed that.

Cashed the 1-39 and played Suns +11.5 4Q, good start to the day!
Man that was a cracker of a game.

4th September 2011, 10:57 AM
so any thoughts on todays games???
any late mail????

4th September 2011, 01:52 PM
After last weeks form against Essendon Port should be good at home, they have some pride to play for, try and finish off a terrible season with a win. Melbourne stopped showing up several rounds ago, struggled to put away the Suns at the G so Port for me.

Kangas over Tigers at Etihad. North have a few omissions but I still think they are good for a close win.

Andy Marshall
4th September 2011, 02:55 PM
I like Richmond and North game this afternoon...total match points under 205.5 @ 2.00