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9th September 2011, 04:50 PM
I know this isn't directly betting related, but who else here gets into fantasy sports and tipping comps? I find there's no better way to learn more about a league, because my competitive nature leads me to do more research to compete well.

For fantasy sports, at the moment I'm doing the official English Premier League game, the Rugby World Cup with Fox Sports, and NFL.com fantasy football.

For tipping I do the sportsbet million dollar tipping (and Friday 500 when I can remember) and the sportingbet last man standing comp.

Has anyone else tried an NFL fantasy game? This is my first year and it was nothing like I had expected. I suddenly found myself participating in a live draft with (I think) 19 other players, because no two teams in your comp can share the same player. By the time I realised how it all worked I had been absolutely mugged. My only respite was the fact that I had 3rd pick on the first round, so at least I got Michael Vick for QB. You live and learn.

9th September 2011, 04:57 PM
I do the sportsbet tipping and sportingbet last man standing.
135/187 on AFL
126/192 on NRL
Nowhere near the prize money, but it's fun to do regardless. Bombed out on Port vs Suns on AFL LMS and not long after on NRL. Can't recall what game I dropped out on that.

Never done fantasy leagues. Yank friend does the NFL one, the live draft sounds like a cool idea. Might look into AFL/NRL fantasy leagues next season.

12th September 2011, 03:53 PM
I'm doing the EPL fantasy game too.

I'm gutted to have missed out on the Rooney hat tricks. I now have him in my team, which means he'll be sure to get injured now! After a major reshuffle I now have five Man U and Man City players, although I've had to make numerous sacrifices for them:

Silva (MC)
Young (MU)

Rooney (MU)
Aguero (MC)
Dzeko (MC)

May the Manchester goal-fest continue!