View Full Version : Free Bets Remaining Error?

24th May 2015, 03:57 AM
Heya, firstly thanks so much for doing on OO spreadsheet, it's much appreciated over here in Pommie land!

I think I might have found an error regarding the Free Bet entries (Deposit 5 and we'll give you 20, for example) on the Deposits sheet. Am I right in thinking I enter the free part of the bookies offer under the Bonus Bets section? I'm noticing on the Available Funds tab, the free bets are still coming up as available even though I've marked them as free on the Bets tab.

Thanks in advance!

25th May 2015, 10:49 AM
Hi morningpostie,

I've had a look and you're right, there is an error with the free bet values in the Available Funds tab.

The simple fix is to enter N for every bet in the "Lay Bet" column of the Bets tab rather than leave this field blank for most wagers. I have re-uploaded the file with the Lay Bet column defaulting to N rather than no value.

Hopefully this will fix the issue for you.