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29th July 2015, 06:25 PM

I feel quite stupid, but im trying to use staking tracker and having some issues..just don't get the Stake? Isnt this what the spreadsheet should calculate from available bank?

I was trying the percentage staking plan, set @ 5%. Would like this to be increased with a rating system..

Even when I input the stake @ 15.00, as per below with a runner at $5.0, the percentage plan has a staking of $1. Any ideas where Im going wrong?

$15.00 5.00 7 20.0% $- $1.00

Any advice would be great

30th July 2015, 11:12 AM
Hi prowsey182,

The Stake amount is your actual wager amount, rather than something calculated by the spreadsheet. You can deviate from the recommended stake amounts and then use the staking plans comparison graph to compare your actual performance to the hypothetical performance gained by following a particular staking plan strictly.

Hopefully that clears things up. Let me know if you have further questions.

As an aside, if you are looking to implement a 5% staking plan, but would like the actual percentage to increase with a ratings system, my recommendation is to go to the staking plans settings sheet and for Percentage Stakes select:
10% - maximum percentage of balance to wager
None - odds adjustment
Rating/10 - bet rating adjustment
Then use a default bet rating of 5 so that your standard wagers equal 5% of your balance. You can then wager more than 5% by selecting a bet rating of 6 or higher.