View Full Version : Find partner in Australia to play DFS

26th November 2016, 08:18 AM
Hi there!

I am from Europe and I am very interested to play american sports daily fantasy. At the moment I play freerolls on different Australian websites (NBA daily fantasy). But I am not resident of AU, so I can't deposit or withdraw my winnings. My goal is to win freerols and than participate cash tournaments.

At the moment I try to find partner in AU that will help me to play. All I need is some person that will register with his real name and bank information for future possible withdrawings.

As renumeration for partnership I offer 20 % - 30 % of my profit (winning minus taxes) to the partner. So the main idea that I will play DFS and partner will help me to deposit and withdraw money. All you (partner) need to do is to help me to pass verification with his credentials and in future if i will withdraw pay all needed taxes in AU and send in some way money to me in Europe (paypal, direct sift payment etc, all types that will be possible.

It is great opportunity to person to start in 3 - 6month get free money!!!)))

Pls contact me on skype - maksimov.konstantin.a if you are interested.