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4th December 2016, 03:56 PM
Hi guys,

just had this bet settled but cannot work out how they have worked out the payout.


1.28*1.50*1.67*1.73* = $5.54
$5.54*75 = $416.03

Now i understand selection 2 went to a dead heat and won't get paid full amount. But i can't work out how they've calculated it, as even if the leg was Void and the other 3 remained it would still pay more.

1.28*1.50*1.73 = $3.32
$3.32*75 = $249.12

I know its only $41 difference but just want to know how they've worked it out and if its correct as it seems pretty harsh seeing as my horse "technically" didn't lose.

Any info much appreciated.

5th December 2016, 09:33 AM
Hi jamboz88,

If selection 2 was a two-way dead heat they probably treated it as a half payout. Because the odds were 1.67 this equates to a payout at 1.67/2 = 0.835 odds. Half payouts return a net profit if the odds are above 2.00 and a net loss if the odds are below 2.00.

By my calculations this gives:

1.28*(1.67/2)*1.50*1.73 = 2.773536
For a $75 stake this returns $208.02, which is close to but not equal the actual payout of $208.95.

I'm not sure why I don't get the same number as the bookmaker.