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1st June 2017, 12:22 PM
A review of the bookmaker BlueBet (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/bluebet-review/) is now available. This comprehensive review is part of a series on betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. All reviews form part of the Bookmaker Reviews (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/) section on this website. A full survey of betting agencies can be found in the Betting Agencies (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/) section.

In summary, BlueBet (http://perform.digitalfuel.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=331&aff_id=2081) is among a number of new Australian brands that are trying to make inroads into an industry currently dominated by English and Irish owned companies. The difference between BlueBet and the other new brands is the fact that the founder and CEO is Michael Sullivan – a well known name in the Australian online betting industry. At the moment the odds, features and range of markets are average, but perhaps more unique features will be added as the company grows.

View the BlueBet review (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/bluebet-review/)

Visit the BlueBet website (http://perform.digitalfuel.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=331&aff_id=2081)

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