View Full Version : Palmerbet are scammers

12th March 2018, 06:18 PM
Decided to sign up to Palmerbet's $500 bonus. I have a few bookie accounts, and can absolutely guarantee that no one else in my house (that I've lived in way longer than they've been around), has an account with Palmerbet. I've done first time offers with bookies before and have had no issues whatsoever. So I signed up to their $500 bonus and deposited $500. After a short amount of time, they took the bonus offer away and when I e-mailed them to ask what was going on, they said that only one bonus is allowed per household address. I questioned this and they did not address it further, it's obviously a lie they tell people to scam them when they deposit.

So after they took the bonus away from me, I did what a normal customer would do here and ask for the money back. It took longer than it needed to - my account was already verified (according to their website) and they said I needed to verify it again. They then said "the account is verified" after 3 days of messing me around, and the worst thing was they sent back $475 and charged me $25 for sending the deposit back to my account!!! Totally unfathomable behaviour from a set of rorts.

Avoid them at all costs. Go with another bookie that doesn't set you up to scam you like Palmerbet.