View Full Version : Problem in Specific Dates in Performance Summary Sheet

3rd November 2022, 03:26 AM

Awesome spreadsheet.

Just one point though:

When I go to the performance summary and select SPECIFIC DATES, I cannot input the YEAR.

For example: I want to put in the year 2022. I cannot!

Please help. Thanks for the spreadsheet again. Great work!



3rd November 2022, 04:51 PM
Hi LH,

Sometimes the dropdown for YEAR shows blank, but you can actually scroll up inside the drop down menu and you'll find the years to select.

Note that the YEAR field is populated based on your Bets dates data, so it requires dates entered for your bets to work.

Just to confirm, is it the OpenOffice version of the calculator you are using?

If you continue to experience problems, get in contact using the contact form (https://www.aussportsbetting.com/contact/) and I'll give you an email address that you can send a copy of your spreadsheet to.