View Full Version : Your best Multi

8th October 2011, 08:08 AM
Would like to hear everyones best multi, i will put mine up

Newcastle $2.15 beat Fulham @ Newcastle
Man city $2.35 beat Tottenham @ Tottenham
Man United $1.40 beat Arsenal @ Man United
Stoke City $2.80 beat West Brom @ West Brom
Celtic $1.20 beat St Mirren @ St Mirren
Mark Webber podium finish $1.60

Multi paying $38.05 had $20 on so i won $760

9th October 2011, 12:33 PM
That's a great result!

I don't often do multi betting, but my best is a six-leg effort back in April 2009: Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa & Everton all to win. I don't recall their opponents, as that's all I have recorded. I do know that Everton were at 2.90 odds, which was the riskiest element of the multi.

It was a winning bet at 24.10 odds, but I only wagered $1!

Sportsbet often publish stories of people winning $100k+ on mega multi bets. For a while we had a thread going where you had to come up with a 1000+ odds multi using correct score predictions for 4-5 EPL games. Perhaps we should start it up again.