View Full Version : This is happening in Australia not Germany, Russia, AUSTRALIA

24th March 2013, 08:58 AM
From 1965 to the late 80's I won 60% of the time on the horses. Robbie Waterhouse, Gaye Waterhouse's husband is the one who rigs or sets up the races in Brisbane and Sydney. Mark Read and LLoyd Williams they are the ones setting up or rigging the races in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Can you please enlighten me why I have gone from 60% down to less than 5%. The players mentioned above one of them, Lloyd Williams used to be the punters messiah. I have not had dealings with any of these mentioned, in other words I wouldn't know them from a bar of soap, only what I have read in the press. I haven't been involved with the mob in any shape or form. 1. Is it a sick orchestrated vendetta. 2. Is it I can't be right they've got a problem with that. 3. It's affecting immediate family {grandchildren}. 4. It is also affecting the other punters who backed the same horses as me. {That's sick} Could you please explain what is going on what is their problem