View Full Version : English racing bets in Australia?

20th March 2014, 08:26 AM
Hello folks,
Whinging pom here, going to be visiting your fair shores in June/July, and wondering if I'll be able to follow and bet on English racing while over there? Are odds on same/next day English races usually available in your bookies?

I have a couple of accounts with online bookies I can use but much prefer shops...I tend to win, and lose, a bit more than your average punter so online accounts get restricted pretty quickly, at least over here where the bookies don't like to gamble :/

Just trying to get a feel for what will be on offer and what I might be able to get on really. Hoping to spend a bit of time getting a feel for aussie racing too (between family stuff) but there are a few meetings I'm loathe to miss a punt on while I'm over and wondering if there's any chance of it really or if I'll have to make do with £100 bets with online bookies.


20th March 2014, 12:26 PM
Hi mate, Australia doesn't have nearly as many betting shops as the UK. The huge number of shops in London was one of the big things that stood out to me on my last visit. The only shops I've seen in Sydney are TAB shops, which I've never used. Looking at their website they do support some UK racing markets though, so you may be in luck. If you use online bookies, just be aware that Stan James, Ladbrokes (UK), Paddy Power and William Hill don't allow Australian members so you may have trouble using them once you're here. Betfair may suit you the best because they obviously don't restrict accounts, although I'm not familiar with their market depth on UK races. bet365 is an option, although they have a reputation for restricting accounts. sportsbet.com.au, sportingbet.com.au and bookmaker.com.au are other local sites that offer UK races. Of those, sportsbet.com.au (owned by Paddy Power) and sportingbet.com.au (owned by William Hill) arguably have the best coverage, although I'm basing this purely on what's available for Thursday! I suggest you take a look at their markets now and then again over the weekend to get a feel for their offerings.