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30th May 2014, 10:48 AM
Hi all!

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong spot, just wanted you all to see it!

My team at Turning Point, in conjunction with Southern Cross University, ANU and the University of Calgary is doing some research to find out the kinds of strategies people have developed to try and limit or reduce time and money spent of gambling and whether they work. We are looking for all gamblers, across all ages, genders and backgrounds. It would be great to have you participate!

It only takes about 30-40 minutes and you will receive a $30 shopping voucher if you check in with us again 4 weeks later. We will contact you after those 4 weeks so you don't have to worry about remembering to check in (makes it easier for you to receive the voucher!). Another benefit of taking part is the opportunity to download and keep a free summary of the tips and strategies once the research is completed.

By telling us about your successes, and your setbacks, you will help other people limit or reduce their gambling in Australia and around the world. We are interested in how people use strategies for a whole range of gambling activities. This could be buying a lottery ticket to sports betting or playing the pokies.

To find out more, or to get started, please check out the link below! Also, feel free to share this link with your gambling friends - the more people that participate, the stronger the research and the more people that can gain control over their gambling!




2nd June 2014, 01:22 PM
Thanks jorjapdunsh - that is the aim! Feel free to spread the link to any of your friends :)

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