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27th April 2012, 01:11 PM
Australia Sports Betting has published a full review (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/stan-james/) of the bookmaker Stan James (http://affiliates.stanjamesaffiliates.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_204227b_1537). The Betting Agencies (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/) section provides additional reviews and comparisons of betting agencies that are suitable for Australians.

Below is our conclusion:

Now that (http://www.bookmaker.com.au/?a=11486&e=705)bet365 (http://www.bet365.com/?affiliate=365_043202) no longer offers online live wagering to Australian residents (as part of their application for an Australian licence), Stan James (http://affiliates.stanjamesaffiliates.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_204227b_1537) takes over as the best place for Australians to wager in-play online. The interface is well designed and intuitive, and you can feel assured in the fact that you are wagering with a large, well established brand. A Stan James membership would make a great complement to an existing Australian bookmaker membership.

View the full review (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/stan-james/)

What are your opinions of Stan James (http://affiliates.stanjamesaffiliates.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_204227b_1537)? Feel free to post any questions you have regarding this betting agency.

23rd August 2012, 06:29 PM
Important notice:

We’ve been informed that because Australia “is not a targeted sportsbook region”, Stan James (http://forum.aussportsbetting.com/showthread.php?424-Stan-James) currently restrict sportsbook bets from Australian residents. No such restrictions are in place for their egaming products. If you are looking for an international sportsbook, we recommend you consider other services at this time.

29th June 2013, 01:31 PM
I should have read your admin 'Important Notice' before I registered with Stan James!
I'm only a small amateur punter but noticed that Stan James sometimes had easily the best odds for an AFL game. I went to put just $15 on Port Power @ 3.50. I was told that this was too much and StanJames couldn't accpet this bet!!! They show an 'allowed' amount - it was $6.20c!!! I put the bet on anyway AND THEN the Odds went down to $3.25c!!!
Have you ever seen a $6 bet reduce a Bookie's Odds!
The only good thing is that I learnt how to use POLi and Skrill. Took me ages to work it all out - very confusing - but it worked and looks like I avoided 'fees to deposit' ... now it will ne interesting to see whether they are going to restrict any othe bets I make - on AFL or international sports ... Port Power is now down to 2.75. Looks like I got the best Odds possible - pity I could only lay $6.20!