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29th September 2014, 08:55 PM
I have a couple of further queries please.
1. This is in relation to Betfair recording.
This is what I have input
Stake odds W B/F comm Lay Bet
70 5.78 Y 4.9 Y

This is what is showing in the section to the right:
At risk Pot Pay out Bet result
payout P/L
334.60 384.77 384.77 50.17

Now according to my calculations the profit on the winning bet was $70 -4.9% comm = $66-57 which is what I received from Betfair.
2. I would also like clarification re the today/past seven days area please.Do we have to put this in manually each day for it to be recorded?
Thanking you

30th September 2014, 06:59 AM
Hi peterj,

1. You've actually found a bug in the OpenOffice v1.00 betting tracker. Sorry about that. I have made the fix and have released it as v1.01:

2. The today/past seven days data shows CONCLUDED wagers for the specified times. They are automatically calculated based on the time on your computer when you opened the spreadsheet. For those cells to work properly you have to enter the date that you placed each wager into the Bets sheet.