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22nd August 2011, 06:18 PM
Australia Sports Betting (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/) has published a full review (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/bookmaker-reviews/tab-sportsbet/) of TAB Sportsbet (http://www.tabaffiliates.com/u/mwalsh/t.asp?id=2305). The Betting Agencies (http://www.aussportsbetting.com/betting-agencies/) section provides additional reviews and comparisons of betting agencies that are suitable for Australians.

Below is our conclusion:

Due the strong market share it enjoys courtesy of its retail outlets, TAB Sportsbet (http://www.tabaffiliates.com/u/mwalsh/t.asp?id=2305) doesn’t have to be as competitive as its rivals, and this shows in its sports betting service. The interface is frustrating and out of date, the margins are higher, and there are no new member offers. Having said that, TAB Sportsbet has a reputation for accepting larger wagers and it offers a good selection of sporting markets. Furthermore, the odds are often in contrast to other bookmakers, which makes the service useful for punters who hold other memberships. We recommend TAB Sportsbet as part of a portfolio of memberships, but novice punters are better off using the sister service, Luxbet (http://affiliates.luxbet.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_163b_43).

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24th August 2011, 01:53 PM
I joined TABsportsbet(vic) 2 weeks ago, had ID verified within minutes on the phone. While not as flashy as sites like sportsbet it is still pleasant. The great thing about TABsportsbet is that as a queenslander, we have a different TAB(unitab/tattsbet) but i can now bet with TAB victoria and deposit and withdraw from any post office anywhere in australia. They aren't slow in payouts which is a good thing and as mentioned handle bets of massive amounts.

27th August 2011, 12:54 PM
I haven't tried them myself but I've heard they're popular with the big-time punters. Other Australian bookies have been getting bad reps recently for refusing large bets.

I've also heard that their subsidiary Luxbet has been banning successful punters! You get an email out of the blue telling you that they won't accept wagers from you anymore, although the stories I've heard have only been for their racing service.

27th August 2011, 04:49 PM
There is one thing I do not like about TABsportsbet. That is that while they allow a multibet with up to 20 selections, you can only select up to 10 to place a multi online. If you want a 20 selection multi then you have to do it via the phone. That is there only downfall.