View Full Version : Betjack DO NOT PAY

13th December 2014, 03:15 PM
Do not use BetJack under any circumstances, I personally have been chasing over $10,000 since the beginning of May this year And 90% of that money I fund the account with.
All I get is promises that they will put $500 in my account until it’s all paid for, unfortunately the only thing they put in my bank is hot air.
For anyone that is still chasing money which I believe would be hundreds of people, one measure we can take is to harass their Racing & sport phone numbers on busy days such as Saturday.
You can also give Chris a ring on 0424357861, one of the biggest idiots I’ve come across in my life.

Most of their organization is based in Australia and currently I am talking with authorities to close this scam down once and for all.

29th April 2016, 08:13 PM
That would be bad for Betjack business. I was just planing to open an account at them but since I saw this it change my mind. Better try another site with better reviews and pays.