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Modification to the Performance Graph

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  • Dbartonjr
    New Member
    • Jan 2021
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    Modification to the Performance Graph


    I have multiple bookie accounts and would like to create a graph which tracks the profit and loss from each individual bookie. I have no issue creating multiple worksheets but it would be nice to create a worksheet that showed the progress of each bookie's balance. Thanks for your help,

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Barton
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
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    Hi Daniel,

    Yes, that should be possible. If you scroll to the right in the Bets worksheet you will come across the background workings. Look for the columns under "Used for Performance Graph". Unlock the sheet using the password sport, then insert new columns to represent each bookmaker you would like to graph. The new columns would contain a running profit for each bookmaker. The formula would be similar to the existing Profit column, except that it will add a condition so that it only updates the profit if the bookmaker is a specific name. So if the new column is BJ and the name of the bookmaker is listed in cell BJ11 then the formula for BJ13 would be =IF(AND(N13<>"M",A13=BJ$11),BJ12+W13,BJ12).

    The next step would be to update the performance graph source data to include the new columns.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have further questions.