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best avoid Comeon

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  • HP1980117
    New Member
    • Jan 2014
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    best avoid Comeon

    I would like to warn you for the bonus-policy at Comeon. They reserve the right to change bonus-requirements at any time, even for players that are already signed up for this bonus. This includes changing the date before which a player has to have met the bonus-requirements, without any communication from their side to the player that they did change the date. Therefore, their bonuses, including the 400% first deposit bonus might look nice, but dont be surprised if suddenly your bonus had dissapeared from your account because they changed the date. This has happened to me.

    I had quite some communication with them on this and they do confirm that changing dates without informing the players is part of their official policy and refer to their general rules to justify this policy. I have told them that even if you put such a thing in your rules, this doesnt make it legal, apart from of course being highly unfair, especially in bonuses designed to attract new players

    some excerpts from the communication

    Elin: I am sorry to say that there is nothing that we can do, the bonus was cancelled since it did indeed expire, and the requirements in the bonus weren't bet at the point. What you had in your account after the bonus was cancelled was the money you would have had if the bonus was never accepted in the first place, and the bonus money had not yet become real money

    HP: the problem is that when I deposited the money there was a later date in the requirements when the bonus would expire

    HP: and I was never informed that that date had changed

    Elin: This is also stated in our terms and conditions on our website, and I am sorry to say that the bonus is at this point and will remain lost

    Elin: I am referring to our terms and conditions about bonuses:

    Elin: "2.28 All bonuses have an expiry date. If the bonus requirements are not fulfilled at the expiry date, the company reserves the right to cancel or debit the bonus credits from the account.

    Elin: 2.29 ComeOn reserves the right to cancel/change/stop marketing promotions at any time without prior notice."


    HP: That sounds rather ridiculous... so Comeon can offer a bonus with an expiry date and change this date at will without informing me?

    Elin: Yes, that is right. I am sorry about the inconvenience, but there is nothing that we can do here I am afraid
  • realdeal
    New Member
    • Jan 2014
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    I know on the site i use there are terms and conditions , especially relating to bonus deposits , but they dont change dates , thats really unfair.


      New Member
      • Mar 2013
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      I Call bullshit there is something they can do, reinstate the bonus.