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IASbet double your winnings - now only free bet

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  • cher
    New Member
    • Dec 2013
    • 2

    IASbet double your winnings - now only free bet

    Anyone else noticed that IASbet have changed their weekly Double Your Winnings promotion?
    You used to get double winnings in cash, now they just give you a free bet instead. Crap!
    Seeing they have no other worthy promotions on their site, why would anyone bet there?
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 1010

    Hi cher,

    IASbet are owned by Paddy Power, which also owns Sportsbet. Both Sportsbet and IASbet have the same markets and odds, but Sportsbet offers more promotions, especially on sport. You're right, there's now very little reason to bet with IASbet over Sportsbet. Perhaps Paddy Power don't see much of a future for the IASbet brand.

    It's a similar story with William Hill owning both Centrebet and Sportingbet. They seem to be putting more emphasis on the Sportingbet brand of late, as indicated by their change of the Penrith Stadium name from Centrebet Stadium to Sportingbet Stadium.