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Why can't I place bets on Smarkets.

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  • 0rinoco
    New Member
    • Apr 2015
    • 1

    Why can't I place bets on Smarkets.

    Today I am having real problems attempting to place a bet. I encounter this more often than is acceptable. When I click on the green tab to place a horse bet in a race (Grand National, today) nothing happens. Occasionally, I miss bets with this and today looks like one of those days. I am attempting to place an EW bet on the race and have placed the win half. However, the place tab does not seem to have any effect. Very frustrating. Any suggestions welcome.
    Thanks in advance.
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 1010

    Hi 0rinoco,

    Perhaps there's a glitch on the interface for the browser you're using. Does refreshing (reloading) the page have any impact?

    If you're experiencing difficulties with the Smarkets interface I recommend you contact their support team either by email ( or on Twitter (@smarkets).