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  • dwatts
    New Member
    • Oct 2016
    • 1

    Tipping Advice

    Hi Guys,

    I'm just started to take my betting a bit more seriously, after a few good picks it seem to be worth my time. And I've started to go for bets across new sports, not just NRL.

    My problem is that can anyone make any recommendations about where to get some quality tips. Not just for NRL & Footy like

    There have been a few that ive seen but wanted to check in with you guys to see what is popular. There are a few:

    I'd like to get into NBA (a favorite of when i was young), even motorracing is not too bad either. Also im less into a subscription, at least to until i know its a good service.

    thanks fellas
  • marksandman
    New Member
    • Dec 2016
    • 8

    do your tips by yourself, analyze the games)