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Stragies to control gambling

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  • Andy50
    New Member
    • Aug 2023
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    Stragies to control gambling

    Is this topic allowed on this forum

    I have just banned myself from online gambling so I have to go to the tab to place a bet
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 1013

    Hi Andy50,

    Yes! This topic is more than welcome. We actually published an article on BetStop - The National Self-Exclusion Register recently:


    • blackswan
      • Sep 2014
      • 96

      My number one rule for gambling is to borrow the expression from microeconomics and "think at the margin."

      If I deposit $100 and soon find myself down to $65, I don't try to win back my money to return to $100. I instead bet to try to end up with more than $65.

      If I deposit $100 and soon find myself up to $120, I don't treat the $20 profit as free money to bet with wildly. I instead bet to try and end up with more than $120.

      Whatever your account balance is, pretend that it was your deposit amount.

      If you find yourself consistently losing, take a break to reassess your strategy. Suppose you deposited $100, have bet through that amount and are down to $65. If you don't feel that you have an edge on the bookmaker, simply withdraw the $65. Don't treat it as lost money and bet wildly until your account balance is zero.


      • Rodrigueztoman
        New Member
        • Jan 2024
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        What I do is I plan What day I want to gamble on and If I win that;s good If not Then fck it. I haven't gambled from the past 2 months and planning to gamble on my bday which is in march. This has worked so far for me.