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The $1.50 bet Theory

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  • Crowdedtrilogy
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    • Sep 2016
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    The $1.50 bet Theory

    This is not a new way to bet by any means, but I recently did pretty well on it. So I wanted to bring it up and discuss it.

    For those who haven't tried this before.

    It's simply putting your wager on a bet paying $1.50 and then putting the entire winnings on the next bet, also paying a $1.50.

    So $100 wins $150, and $150 wins $225 and so on and so on. Now the bet doesn't have to equal exactly $1.50 so the maths is not exact, but it revolves around the same principle.

    I recently started with $100 and tried to do a $1.50 bet per day and I went 11 straight bets without losing. Some of my bets were as low as $1.30 and up to $1.55. And I did take some of my money out during it. After 5 days I withdrew $300, after 8 days I withdrew $270, and after 10 days I took out $400. Although I lost around $1800 on my last bet. I had withdrawn close to $1000 from my initial $100 bet. So as bad as losing $1800 on my last bet was, I still made $900 in 11 days.

    Now I always use multi bets to make my $1.50 bet. Which sometimes is up to 4-5 legs. But with so many different sports and ways to bet on each sport, I thought it would be good to discuss the different ways to make the $1.50. Whether it be a winner in a head to head match, or a total points or total games market on a certain match. With the 100's (sometimes 1000's) of markets each day, it can be easy to get $1.50 bet if you knew every sport. So I am going to start again with $200 with the same principle. And I am looking for just 1 multi bet a day.

    I'm not an expert on every sport, so if everyone can put in there opinions on what they think is a good bet each day. Ill try find the best ones to add to a multi to make $1.50 bet (give or take). And see how far we can go.