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  • wosada
    New Member
    • Oct 2023
    • 2

    bet winning

    anyone got any experience in sports football betting and can enlightened me how to make some money. it seems i got the worst luck in the world. i bet lower stakes
  • blackswan
    • Sep 2014
    • 86

    I recommend you focus on just one league and make use of statistics in your betting decisions. I bet solely on the English Premier League and I balance stats with the circumstances leading up to each game. For example, is one team nursing numerous injuries? Has one team been recently involved in a huge midweek FA Cup or European cup fixture? Do they have one coming up shortly after their league fixture? Markets do adjust for these things, but often they don't adjust enough. Information is power, so the more you know about each team the better.

    I also recommend you become discerning on how often you bet. Don't bet on every game. Pick only the games where you have a strong opinion and feel you have a strong sense of the form lines and circumstances of each team. For some weekends I will place up to five bets and for other weekends I find myself not placing a single bet.

    I also recommend you track your bets. Every now and then I look through mine and I'm often surprised by the insights, like I have been doing more poorly than expected with certain bet types and better than expected with others.

    Finally, it's really good that you bet lower stakes. Keep your stakes tiny until you build confidence in your ability to beat the market. When I first started I limited myself to $1.00 per bet!