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  • Fanstix
    New Member
    • Jul 2015
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    TAB Rule change

    Hi all,
    Has anyone been stung by the new rule regarding match result when the result at full time..IE 80 a draw?
    TAB now doesn't pay on final result ie golden point...if you backed a Margin bet.. I bet on Cronulla 1-12 but lost my money even though they won by 1 point...I'm not sure when the new rule started...I bet by phone and was not warned by the operator that the full Time result is deemed at 80 mins..not after extra time...RIPOFF!!!!
    There are other bets also affected but the margin bet is my gripe..the NRL don't recognise a draw at why should the betting agencies?..because they're scam artists...they have posted the changed rule on their website..but seriously..who looks?..what if you don't bet on the web?... Sportsbet has the same rule...not sure about others..probably.
    If I walked away from the ground I could say.. Cronulla won by 1 what gives?... sheesh!
    How can we be expected to keep up with every little rule change?..Bad TAB...VERY BAD..

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  • casper
    • Apr 2012
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    I agree mate, that is harsh. If they're going to make a change like that to a popular code they should email members to give everyone a heads up. The NBA includes overtime in fulltime markets so it it seems fair to apply the same to the NRL.

    I noticed that on Sportsbet they say "Includes extra time" for some markets and "Resulted at the completion of normal time (does not include extra time)" for the margin market. What they should do is state one of the two for EVERY market. I'm looking at the total match points for Manly v North Qld as I write this and it doesn't state anything for this market, the same goes for pick your own line. They should make it less ambiguous rather than have us trudge through t&c's to find out which of the two rules applies.