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    NM4's 4 bet multi log

    I do what I call a 4 bet multi when I find 3 legs I like. I multi all 3 bets into a 4 bet multi like this:
    3 doubles:
    Leg 1 & Leg 2
    Leg 1 & Leg 3
    Leg 2 & Leg 3

    1 triple multi
    Leg 1, Leg 2 & Leg 3

    The doubles multi's should be at least 2x the triple multi but 3x is better.

    Depending on your risk or how big your bank is you can set the bets up like this:
    For $10 outlay - $3 per double and $1 on triple
    For $25 outlay - $7.50 per double and $2.50 on triple
    For $35 outlay - $10 per double and $5 on triple
    For $50 outlay - $15 per double and $5 on triple
    Or any other total outlay you like, just make sure the doubles are 2 or 3 times the size of the triple.

    I like these multi bets because you can boost your winnings for very little additional risk. I normally would bet on all 3 legs outright and then place a small outlay on the 4 bet multi. If 2 legs win you pocket a small profit but if all 3 legs win you can cash in big time.
    I will sometimes have 2 legs I really like that I've bet on individually and then throw in a longer shot at say odds of $3 or higher as a way of having a longer shot bet that returns good payout with hardly any additional risk.

    My first 4 bet multi for this log:
    WTA New Haven:
    Larsson x $2.38
    Vesnina x 2.10
    US Open Qualifying:
    Glushko x $3.40
    All odds are from Ladbrokes

    So bets should look like this - I'm using $25 total outlay as the example here and will use that as the standard bet for this log
    Larsson & Vesnina @ $4.998 x $7.50 = $37.48
    Larsson & Glushko @ $8.092 x $7.50 = $60.69
    Vesnina & Glushko @ $7.14 x $7.50 = $ 53.55

    Larsson, Vesnina, Glushko @ $16.9932 = $ 42.48

    Total possible payout $194.20

    Now I normally outlay 10%-20% of my normal bet size on these multi's so even if only one leg wins and the multi loses it won't break the bank and the my individual bets on the legs will cover most of the outlay of all my bets.
    As an example I have posted bets on Larsson and Vesnina in the tennis forum but I haven't bet individually on Glushko.
    As I've bet $25 on the 4 bet multi my single bets are $250
    Larsson x $2.38 x $250 = $595
    Vesnina x $2.10 x $250 = $525
    So even if only one leg wins I cover my original outlay. If 2 bets win I make a profit, if all 3 win I get a very nice boost. It also lets me bet on an outsider like Glushko that I like without outlaying a full unit of risk when I already have a number of bets open.

    I realise most peoples bankrolls won't be able to bet those sort of amounts but you just scale the 4 bet multi outlay to suit your unit size.




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