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    Trading on Betfair


    I am trying to input my Betfair P&L and I was wondering if there is an easier way to enter it than having to enter in every single trade or another way is work out the odds that the profit or loss would have been if I had made just one trade during the event. To explain it better if I was trading a horse race I may make 4 back bets of $25 and then enter 4 similar lay bets to then hopefully get a profit on the event. The issue I am having is it will take an eternity to enter each individual trade and I would be fine just being able to enter the profit or loss for each event myself but the cell where the profit/loss goes is protected. The other method I tried was divide the total lay by the total back amount to get an average odds of the event so as an example if I backed a certain horse 4 times at $25 and the amount of the lay added up to $102 I would be in profit $2 (before commission of course) so to enter this data into the spreadsheet to get an accurate figure I would need to divide 102/100=1.02 and put that 1.02 in the odds column which would give me the correct P&L. Both processes are quite time consuming and before I start entering all this data I was wondering if there is an easier way? I already know my profit and loss for each event but I would like to be able to enter it into this spreadsheet with all my other bets.

    Apologies if this message seems a bit all over the place but I couldn't think of a better way to explain my current predicament!



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    Hi Sean,

    Entering various back and lay selections on the same market with Betfair is time consuming, unfortunately. If you just want to record your profit or loss you could instead enter your profit/loss as the stake amount with odds of 2.00. If you wanted to take the 102/100=1.02 approach you could enter =102/100 into the odds field rather than calculate it prior and enter 1.02 into the odds column.

    You can actually unlock the spreadsheet (password is sport) to override the profit/loss column, but I don't recommend it.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have further questions.




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