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  • Prime
    New Member
    • Sep 2021
    • 5

    Futures Bets


    Whats the best way to enter futures bets?

    I hate having open bets in my normal betting page that i have to scroll back months to find etc

    Is it possible to create a futures tab purely for those types of bets that will still appear on the performance summary/graph?
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 989

    Hi Prime,

    I keep notes on the row numbers of my open futures bets. I delete the instructions at the top of the Bets sheet and store the notes there. Once the futures bet has concluded I type Ctrl+G to bring up the Go To function. For the reference I enter a letter and the row number (e..g. N123) to be taken straight to that bet.

    Your idea for a separate futures tab is interesting. The performance summary might become an issue, unfortunately, due to the risk of exceeding the formula length limit. It would also make it difficult to pool the data sets for the graph.