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  • chriscap3
    New Member
    • Nov 2017
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    Bonus Credit

    Hello All,
    I have traditionally used the bonus bets as my bonus credit column. But when you win a bonus bet, you only get credited your winnings, not also what you originally placed on the bet. With Bonus credit, you get both so i am looking to see how to properly use the bonus credit column. I can see the column where you mark bonus bet, but how can I make that relate to the credit and not the free bet?
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 989

    Hi Chris, when you receive a bonus bet, enter it into the Deposits sheet in the "Bonus Bets" table. When you use the bonus bet, enter Y into the BB (bonus bet) column, which is column N of the latest version of the basic spreadsheet.

    When you receive bonus credit, enter that value into the Deposits sheet in the "Bonus Credit / Free Credit" table. When you use that bonus credit you don't need to enter anything into the BB column because the bonus credit is essentially a (free) deposit of funds.

    Let me know if you have further questions.