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Average bet size in All bets is wrong

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  • Jacoooooo
    New Member
    • Sep 2019
    • 1

    Average bet size in All bets is wrong

    The average bet size under the all bets, in the Performance summary sheet is incorrect. I believe it is wrong due to multis. I have listed each leg of a multi as 'M', and bars go across the bet line, so shouldnt be taken into account. Then i do a bet line where i said its a legged multi and list its bet size. I believe the spreedsheet is taking these 'M' leg lines as a bet of 0 and dividing by them when it shouldnt be? Any help?
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 989

    Hi Jacoooooo, you are correct. This bug has been removed in the next version of the spreadsheet that is currently in development. This has been achieved by adding an additional WIN,"<>M" condition. The average bet size formula will resemble something like:
    =IF(COUNTIFS(LAY,"<>Y",WIN,"<>"&"",WIN,"<>P",WIN," <>M")>0,SUMIFS(AMOUNT,LAY,"<>Y",WIN,"<>"&"",WIN,"< >P",WIN,"<>M")/COUNTIFS(LAY,"<>Y",WIN,"<>"&"",WIN,"<>P",WIN,"<>M" ),"")