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Staking to Risk vs To Win

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  • g00by
    New Member
    • Jul 2023
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    Staking to Risk vs To Win


    Time once against for another g00by question!

    Under the My Variable column, the default is Home Dog/Favorite and Away Dog/Favorite. I would like to be able to have any play that is a Home or Away Favorite to impact the Stake as a 'To Win' rather than 'To Risk'.

    In other words, if a play was $50 with odds of -120, they would be considered a "Dog". The Stake column is defaulted to be 'To Risk', but I would like any play that is a "Dog" to translate the number to a 'To Win' play, which in this example would be $54.55 in order to win $50 (as opposed to putting down $50 to only win $41.66.

    If the My Variable column is not built for this functionality, would there be an alternate way to do this rather than me manually inputting all the Stake plays as 'To Win' for minus odds?

    Thank you for your time and I am happy to answer any questions if the above was confusing
  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 997

    Hi g00by,

    Based on my understanding of your question, the easiest way is to insert a new column to the left of Stake. The column title could be something like "To Win/Risk". You would then write a formula in the Stake column that uses the values in the Odds and To Win/Risk columns. The Stake value would be the amount at risk, while the To Win/Risk value would be the amount at risk for + odds, and the amount to win for - odds.

    I'm not familiar with the correct formulas for American odds, but the Stake column formula would look something like

    =if(Odds < 0, [To Win/Risk]/(-100/Odds), [To Win/Risk])

    So, if the odds are less than zero, the Stake takes the To Win/Risk value and adjusts it upward to calculate the amount at risk, otherwise the stake is set equal to the To Win/Risk value.