A Google Sheets betting tracker has been released. It is based on version 2.20 of our popular Excel betting tracker.
The spreadsheet tracks your betting history and provides performance data with numerous filters as well as a summary graph. There are seven worksheets as described below:
  • Introduction – provides an introduction to the spreadsheet along with input instructions
  • Settings – contains the worksheet settings for betting agencies, sports categories, bet types, tippers, etc.
  • Deposits – input sheet for deposits and withdrawals
  • Bets – data entry sheet for your betting activity
  • Available Funds – lists your credit levels for each bookmaker
  • Performance Summary – interactive worksheet that summarises your betting performance.
  • Performance Graph – plots your betting performance over time

Version Differences

The spreadsheet is based on the Basic version of the Excel betting tracker. Note that the Standard and Advanced versions are currently only available in Excel.
  • Basic Version – suitable for 95% of users. Provides detailed performance insights to help you track your betting performance.
  • Standard Version – does everything the Basic version can, plus it enables you to record the closing odds and lines/handicaps. This enables you to measure how frequently you beat the closing odds.
  • Advanced Version – does everything the Standard version can, plus it enables you to enter separate tipper odds and lines. This is designed for when odds have shifted from the time a tip was published to the time you placed your wager based on that tip. This enables you to measure your tippers’ betting performances separately from your own.

Terms of Use

Use of the Google Sheets Betting Tracker is conditional upon you reading and accepting the Terms of Use for Australia Sports Betting. Basically, it is a condition of use that you do not rely upon the information and resources provided by this website when placing bets. Please verify everything for yourself. It is also a condition of use that you do not make this spreadsheet, or any variant of it, available elsewhere. If you wish to tell others about this spreadsheet, please share the following URL:

How to Obtain the Google Sheets Betting Tracker

The Google Sheets can be used in your web browser by visiting Google Sheets. Note that a Google Account is required, which is simple and free to obtain.
Tablet and phone users can download the Google Sheets Android App or the Google Sheets iTunes App for iPhones and iPads. Both apps are free.
Use the link below to acquire the betting tracker.
Google Sheets Betting Tracker – v2.20 Basic

The spreadsheet will open in View only mode. Select File -> Make a Copy to save a copy that you can then edit.
Please note that the sheet is calculation-intensive, which, depending on your device, may result in a delay before anything is displayed on each sheet the first time you view them.