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STANDARD version of the Betting Tracker in Google Sheets

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  • Skyfish
    No problem thanks a lot for your answer! You did solve the problem somehow

    If it can help anyone else: I selected the cells with Drop Down menus and chose DATA VALIDATION and re-entered which cells to take the data from (so mainly from the SETTINGS worksheet to the BETS worksheet)
    Example in BETS worksheet:
    BOOKMAKER - select cells (B11!1000) - DATA VALIDATION (from Data menu) => CRITERIA -> List from a Range - >Settings!C6:C13
    - and it worked!

    So basically the STANDARD and ADVANCED Betting Tracker docs work in Google Sheets.

    Here are the 2 main steps I had to take:
    1- Open the Excel document (standard or advanced) and UNPROTECT all the worksheets (password: sport) and save under a diff. name
    2- Import that document into Google Sheets
    2- Re-format the Drop Down cells in the BETS worksheet using the method above.

    PS: I believe there is still an issue with the cells: Recent Summary (Concluded Bets) => dates are not compiling properly.
    But this could be due to mis-handle on my side, I will investigate and come back if I find anything...
    Last edited by Skyfish; 16 September 2019, 10:21 PM.

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  • admin
    Hi Skyfish,

    My apologies for the delay in replying.

    Unfortunately when we created the Google Sheets version we had to start from scratch because we found it so problematic trying to tweak an existing Excel version. Some alternatives that might yield more success are the Excel Web Application and OpenOffice.

    Another, albeit ugly, solution is to find what cells the drop down menus are trying to change and then change those cell values manually yourself.

    A new Excel spreadsheet is in development. If there is sufficient demand we will also then create a new more feature-packed Google Sheets copy.

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  • Skyfish
    started a topic STANDARD version of the Betting Tracker in Google Sheets

    STANDARD version of the Betting Tracker in Google Sheets


    I would love to use the CLOSING LINES part of the sheet, but I do not have EXCEL and want to use the STANDARD version of Betting Tracker in Google Sheets.

    When I try to open the Standard or Advanced version in Google Sheets, everything works well EXCEPT that the Drop Down Menus do not LOAD from the "SETTINGS worksheet" into the "BETS" worksheet.
    I tried opening the Standard version in Excel and UNLOCKED all the worksheets, saved the new version and uploaded into Google Sheets but that does not solve the problem

    Anybody has an idea on how to solve this issue? Or has access to a Standard version in Google Sheets?

    Thanks for your help!