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Blank cells R-U

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  • 19aek24
    New Member
    • May 2022
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    Blank cells R-U

    Hi and thank you for the work that you do!

    I have recently added more rows and my cells in R-U are all blank.

    I am struggling to understand your instructions, "highlight cells R-U in the row below the lowest blank cell. Click on the small black box at the bottom right corner in column U and drag the mouse up without releasing. Once you have reached the highest blank row release the mouse".

    I have tried this as far as I am aware and all I get is blank rows.

    I am not very smart with this type of stuff so most likely I am not doing this correctly.

    Is there an easier way to copy the formulas in rows R-U?

  • admin
    • Aug 2011
    • 997

    Hi 19aek24, try copying and pasting the R-U formulas down from a row (probably above) that is working. Is it the OpenOffice Calc version that you're using? Let me know if you're still experiencing difficulties.