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Optimal bookmaker membership combinations

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    • Aug 2011
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    Optimal bookmaker membership combinations

    Odds, markets and features vary between bookmakers, so there’s great benefit in holding more than one membership. This broadens the selection of markets available and it enables you to shop around for the best odds.

    At the same time, having too many memberships is an inconvenience. Your funds are spread more thinly and it takes time to assess who offers the best odds for a particular selection.

    What you need is an efficient portfolio of memberships to deliver the greatest benefits from the smallest number of accounts.

    We have published an article that uses bookmaker margin data from our 2023 bookmaker margins survey to determine the best bookmaker membership combinations for sports and race betting.

    The title of this article is actually a misnomer. We will also look at the betting exchange Betfair and the role it can play within a portfolio of memberships.

    You can view the article here: