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  • Rabbit
    New Member
    • Dec 2012
    • 3

    Elo Ratings

    I am currently tracking an Elo rating system for the NBA, NBL, and A-League with encouraging results.

    Not so much with the EPL.

    Has anyone else tried implementing an Elo system with any other sports?
  • casper
    • Apr 2012
    • 72

    I tend to use 3rd party systems rather than formulate anything myself.

    I don't know anything about their methodology, but one service I keep an eye on is:
    The 'ASAP Ratings' is a financial markets-type 'moving index'. It measures the quality of players or teams at a given point in time. The difference between any two ratings represents the likely future margin between those two teams on a level playing field.


    • Baeoz
      New Member
      • Jan 2014
      • 1

      Hi, I'm probably late to the party, but if Rabbit is around, I'd be interested in what k-factor is used, what information is incorporated, such as win/loss/draw or more, etc. I've used Elo in tennis, as well as iterative and bayesian type rating systems. I can get above 70% correct prediction, across all levels except futures.