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Could Betfan Australia work for you? - Tipsters Wanted...

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    • Jun 2012
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    Could Betfan Australia work for you? - Tipsters Wanted...

    Who are Betfan?

    Betfan are a Betting management Servciescompany that have revolutionised the way people search for Tipsters in the UK and in fact their services are already being used World Wide. It is their goal to provide a steady ongoing stable of profitable Tipster Services that cover as wide a selection of Sports as possible. All services are proofed and updated daily and they have ongoing performance charts that will show you their top performing services and also allow you to identify both short and long term trends for their managed services. All prospective services have to go through a rigorous and long term proofing period before they are even considered to be taken live to Betfan Members . By coming to Betfan to choose your Tipster services you are in the great position of being able to make very informed choices about the right kind for service or services for your own needs with all relevant and required information available at the push of a button and with a very wide and varied choice of services. It is ultimately your one stop shop for Tipster Services.

    Visit for more information.

    Could Betfan Australia work for you? - Tipsters Wanted...

    Do you have a system, strategy or a natural talent for sports betting profit?

    Do you currently run a Tipster service that deserves a much wider audience?

    Many of our best advisors approach us after being regular readers of our newsletter. If you feel you can make regular profit from your own sports betting selections then why not contact us.

    We can start proofing your advice and if you're successful we can bring you to market online where there's a great additional income to be made doing no more than you're doing already... making a profit from betting!

    Betfan are the Market leaders in Tipster Services and Management and with the assistance of their army of Affiliates can literally put your service or system in front of hundreds of Thousands customers

    Have what it takes? Contact us at either or with Subject line Tipster Services Australia with your personal and service or system details and they will get back to you ASAP!



    P.s. We recently launched Race Profits Australia as our first Australian focused Tipster service to great fanfare. Early members were able to land a 33/1 winner in the first week. You can check it out here and even try it for yourself for 7 days Free.


    Betfan Australia