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T20 World Cup final - Australia v NZ

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  • casper
    • Apr 2012
    • 72

    T20 World Cup final - Australia v NZ

    Based on all the talk of the impact of dew on the surface during the tournament, I would want to wait for the coin toss before wagering.

    Since October 22nd, by my count, 24 out of 35 games were won by the side batting second (68.6% win rate). If you ignore the games involving a huge underdog (Scotland, Namibia, etc.), the win rate becomes 18/24 (75%).

    Based on that I would be backing NZ pre-toss given they're at 2.52 odds to win the tournament on Betfair.
  • blackswan
    • Sep 2014
    • 86

    Well spotted Casper! Winning the toss was far too important during the tournament. Australia only lost the toss once and were beaten by England. Every game between Pakistan, NZ and India in Group 2 were won by the side that won the toss and every knockout stage game was won by the toss winner.